Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thirty Days Before the Web

It's been a full cycle of the moon since I started this blog. What a great way to truly avoid studying for my PMI exam, looking for work, exercising my fat, writing the great American novel, cleaning the house, doing the yard work, picking vegetables in the garden, or visiting with family or friends. Because I'm constantly on the computer, I do get a lot of opportunities to visit other blogs and web pages, play freecell solitaire, answer my emails instantaneously, and tweak my blog. Hope you are enjoying it and find the links useful. I've tried to put up only the best, the rest can sit on my computer. But I've got to squeeze a few hours of writing in because...

...My protagonist is stuck in a swamp with alligators. His hands are handcuffed behind him, and he's got dead chickens from the recent heat wave tied to his belt. A dozen nasty dudes with Uzi's are after him with orders to kill, and the FBI doesn't care because he recently embarrassed them. His girlfriend just left him for Britney Spears, and his house burned down last night only hours after his insurance company terminated his contract because he didn't pay his premiums. His ex-wife still wants her alibi based on the wages he earned as a stockbroker from 1997-2000, and he has a cold. Did I mention he was blindfolded and hadn't eaten since the Krispy Kreme donut early in the morning. I'm sure if I took this to the Maass Seminars he'd say, "So why should I care about this guy, and can you up the tension a bit."

Okay. I'll give it a whack. He's the only person who can save Julianne Moore from the amorous charms of Austin Carr and defuse the bomb in Roger Moore's Porsche.

Hey, I wonder to where this link goes?

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