Saturday, August 4, 2007


This August, 2002 "Writer's Digest" article, "The Marshall Plan", and I advice you to check your word choices. Search for and replace, if necessary, the following:
* Redundancies like: armed gunman, personal friend, plan ahead, and totally destroyed.
* Unnecessary uses of "of".
* Sentences that start: "It is", "There are", "There is", or "It was", and their contractions.
* Phrases: "which is", "who are", and "who is", and their contractions.
* Vague modifiers: a lot, essentially, fairly, kind of, quite, perhaps, rather, seemingly, so much, some, somehow, somewhat, and such.
* Empty modifiers: genuinely, really, truly, and very.
* The unspecific verb "went".
* Vague adjectives: amazing, appealing, compelling, and interesting.
* Empty words: actual, actually, basic, essential, extremely, totally, and worthwhile.
* Weak words: anyway, arrive, as, attach, began, had, just, just a bit, look, off of, that, turn, and well.
* "ly" words: adverbs that are not pulling their weight and could be replaced by stronger verbs and nouns within the sentence.
It's not that any of these words or phrases can't be used, but they should be used when appropriate.

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