Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Publishing Pundits Pout

Rather than repeat, check out this blog about the current state of publishing and the other blog stories to which it links. Some might see the end of the world; others will see opportunity. Me? I'm going to open a new file and write a new story.

It was a bright and sunny day. The books were tossed between seller and buyer at the flee market like fish at Seattle's Seafood Market. "I'll give you fifty cents for HP#7," a stout man with a short cigar clenched between yellowed teeth shouted. "But it only came out two days ago," argued the vendor, wearing a funky, tall pointed hat. "Yeah, but it's used, seventy-five cents," the man bargained. "That author sweat ink to write that book," the old vendor said, pointing a small stick at the man. "Take it or leave it, you old gasbag." The old gasbag mumbled, "Flea." "Flee from what?" the buyer said. A cloud of white smoke replaced the buyer. The book hung in the air for the briefest moment before dropping on a confused bug. "Dumbledorf!" yelled an excited woman wearing the crown jewels of England last owned by Queen Elizabeth. "Sorry," he said. "Well that's three today. One more, and I'll never bring you back."

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