Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Reveal something (move it forward) in each sentence. Reveal through character development (D), background information (B), foreshadowing (F), tension (T), conflict (C), surprise (S), or resolution (R). Take a page of your story. Mark it up using these identifiers. If your page isn't marked up like a kid with chicken pox, it's probably not moving the story forward. Whether genre or literary fiction, you don't want the story to lie there on the page like a three-week-old flounder stinking things up.

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Ruth L.~ said...

I've bookmarked this. Looks great. I expect to learn, and I expect to laugh while doing that. That's not too much to expect is it? No pressure or anything.

I look forward to more of your common sense delivered with the laugh lines. You're off to a great start.

Boy, could I go for your favorite meal right now. I'm so hungry. the only problem is, I'm the cook. It's not going to happen.