Sunday, August 19, 2007

Steal this idea - Fatwas on fatwas

What if the next middle-eastern war wasn't about oil, but fatwas such as the following one.

"The reputation of Egypt's religious authorities was further clouded recently when a lecturer at Al-Azhar issued a fatwa (a religious ruling) saying work colleagues of the opposite sex could escape the ban on unmarried men and women being alone together if the woman breast-fed her male colleague five times. The lecturer's rationale was breast-feeding established a maternal rather than a sexual relationship."

Imagine two people caught in a compromising position at a U.S. educational institution and brought up on disciplinary charges. The implications could spiral outward pitting Islamic fatwas against fatwas against U.S. law against the love that the man really has for the woman. And what about Naomi? Where would this potentially explosive story take you?

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