Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Steal this idea - Weather Weapon Woes

We reached 105 degrees yesterday, the highest ever temperature in Raleigh, NC. This is the hottest and driest August on record. We've already had 56 days above 90 (average 37) and are heading for the record of 72 set in 1952. Yeah, Phoenix is warmer, but this ain't Phoenix. I feel like paraphrasing Rick from "Casablanca".
"I came here for the snows."

"Snows? There are not snows in Raleigh."

"Guess I was misinformed."
But what I'm really thinking about is a story about a man who really DOES do something about the weather. He kidnaps the entire staff at the Weather Channel believing they are in control of the weather and demands that it rains over his house within the next two days or he'll execute a weatherperson each hour it doesn't rain. Scientist consider options, including cloud seeding, to end the stalemate while the police attempt to gain access to the building only to find out that this man is a former military weapons expert and has one of those suitcase nuclear devices from the cold war that the government never agreed they had, and our intrepid reporter (Robin Meade) finds evidence that the government has lost track of six of the devices. Could they be with other people as unstable as this guy? Only you know the outcome....


Anonymous said...

I'll steal it if Jim Cantore can have a cameo in the movie! Beth

Ruth D~ said...

Enter Agent Ruth who immediately realizes that the unstable kidnapper is a resident of Raleigh who has snapped in a record heatwave.

He gave himself away when he said, "Here's lookin' at you." when he bound and gagged the meteorologists.

Rick, come to Massachusetts for a vacation. Right now it's 68, and has been cool all week. Although by the time you get here the heat will have returned.

Rick Bylina said...

beth...I'm sure Jim would love to have a part, but I'll need someone to play his love interest. Any suggestions?

ruth...I lived in MA for a year. Loved it, especially Harvard Square. Ah, but I was much younger then and weather wasn't the main thing on my mind.