Friday, August 3, 2007

Character Holds Writer Hostage

Another writer wrote that a walk-on became a minor character and then demanded his own plot line. Yeah, that happens to me, too. Does it happen to you? How long do you fight this interloper? Do you go with this plot intrusion or do you fight to retain your original plot line? Why? Inquiring minds want to know.


Anonymous said...

I think if a minor character has enough charisma to capture an author like that, he or she deserves his own story! The only characters I resist making into main characters are the ones who are so eccentric, that a whole book with them as protags would be overwhelming.

Good job on the output yesterday!

WRW Kimber

Anonymous said...

I am the interloper, and I made the author make me the protagonist in his next book. Any character worth his or her salt can make an author do his biding. After all, aren't we the subconscious manifestations of what the author really wants to write?

- Detective Roger Stark

Kelsy said...

I like killing people in my mysteries - especially strong secondary characters or MCs - if they contribute to the power of the story. That said, two of them have demanded that I keep them around, keep them in the story in some way. With one of them, I relented. He came back at the end of the story leading a phalanx of ghosts out for revenge and has managed to inbed himself in the sequel as a main character with more than a little charisma. I cried when I killed him the first time, smiled when he returned and now I'm responding to his demands and listening to what he says.

Being led astray by a ghost with an attitude - hmmm.

Rick Bylina said...

A ghost with an attitude...a modern day Topper! Hope you have a strong reason for the ghost not to be able to "pass over" to the great beyond.

Write on!