Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fresh Squeezed

I'm not much for banning/burning books. "Sit down, Beulah, you Nazi cow." But if I could ban the publication of just one book, "If I Did It" would be it. With or without any opening message by the victims family, even if O.J. never sees a penny, even if it supports the kids or any victims rights organization, it just seems sick all the way around to me. I'm stunned that some deranged or bereaved person hasn't taken him out.

Where are those "Burn the book" organizations when you need them?

Hmm. Is this the slippery slope that you don't realize you're sliding down until you hit bottom?


Ruth D~ said...

Yeah, and burn all the self serving biographies of living politicians while you're at it.

Rick Bylina said...

Why Ruth? Don't you just love those comic books?