Monday, January 23, 2012

MMWUC - Super Bowl of Writing Awaits

Within the family at the start of the playoffs I wrote, "Whoever won the New York Giants versus Green Bay Packers game would be in the Super Bowl and lose to the New England Patriots." Well, it has come to pass and the final battle is set, even though both the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers gave the winners all they could. Four evenly-matched titans fought it out, but someone had to fall. The games kept me in my seat through dinner, the desire to go to the bathroom, and all the work that I needed to get done. It's a lesson to all the writers. You want drama, re-run the Giant/49er game. Just like this game, in your story the antagonist and protagonist must struggle to the bitter end, keeping the reader on their toes, giving them thrills and chills along the way, unexpected victims along the way, heroes rising to the challenge, and someone snatching victory from defeat, until the last kick in the ass at the end of the story, and the vanquished lay down before the victor.

I want to write the way they played. It's Monday. Let's get out there and write something masterful.

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