Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Book Review: Child of my Heart

Everyone's search for what is most precious to their heart takes twists and turns. Some twists are devastatingly tragic, some turns are lovingly wondrous, and some events in life are just plain magical. For Annie Lancaster in "CHILD OF MY HEART," the touchstone of her journey is being a nurse for damaged children with little hope of making that journey. Heartbreak co-mingles with joy in Annie's professional life as she nurses children suffering from the worst that life can dish out. Disappointment and hope punctuate her personal yearnings, which seem destined never to be fulfilled as time marches on. The combination would break a weaker person. Yet, Annie faces the day-to-day challenges head-on with an innate kindness in this literary novel that reads more like a heartfelt memoir of someone for whom you could really care.

A Heartfelt Read - 5 Stars

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