Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Book Review: Little Mountain

Little Mountain has a big story. Who is this Bob Sanchez and how did he write such a well-crafted story? "Little Mountain" mixes a sad piece of personal Cambodian history with the need to solve a present day murder for Detective Sambath Long. He has to try and bring closure to both his past and solve a heinous murder that dig into his haunting memories. The story has twists and turns that this mystery writer appreciated. His characters come alive on the page, the dialogue is crisp, and the descriptions of the backstreets of Lowell and the noirishly oppressive weather make you feel like you're on a ride-a-long.

Sanchez has carefully interwoven Sam's sad past with his desire to do the right thing in spite of significant obstacles placed in his way. Married, with a small child, he teeters precariously as many cops do between ensuring family security and doggedly pursuing his duty. Politics and priorities clash with the right amount of give-and-take until Sam has to do what he believes is right. And like all great stories or baseball games, "It ain't over until it's over." Sanchez pulls the story strings tight until...well, you'll just have to read this 5-star novel to learn the harrowing ending.

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