Monday, January 9, 2012

MMWUC - Resolutions, Goals, and Promises

Ah, the freshness of a new year, which always coincides with my birthday and the making of resolutions, goals, and promises. First, thanks for all the birthday wishes in 2012 from my Twitter, Facebook, and assorted other friends. In the rear view mirror, 2011 was a somewhat bizarre year, which started out with a semi-reluctant re-emergence into the corporate world at a promising job in a "recession-proof" industry. Two months later, I was let go before my probationary period ended. No harm, no foul, no paycheck. It was a blessing in disguise, acting as the final push to take my future into my own hands and self-publish my novels. Plus, the vegetable garden was well-established and promised much in the way of back-up food stores.

Along with my buddy, Ron, we examined the horizon and decided to publish our respective books, found out that marketing is hard, and girdled our loins (gee that sounds nasty) after examining what worked and what didn't work to be better prepared for 2012. To quote Yoda, "There is no try, only do." No real resolutions need be made, no goals for anyone else to understand, or promises to make to family and friends about 2012. There is only do; and, I intend to do when it comes to my life as an author.

It's January 9, 2012, do you know what your protagonist's goals are?

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