Sunday, May 18, 2008

Secret Weapons for WW2 - Blue Herons

One hundred and thirty-seven days.

Another secret weapon from WW2 just revealed. When will the revelations end? This would make a great TV movie, but I have a hard time plotting this for a book.

After 14 years, a blue heron has discovered my goldfish pond with its 147 goldfish. Yesterday, he ate Tom, Dick, and Bartholomew, three large (about ten inches each) goldfish in about ninety seconds before the heron saw me watching him. (Not much meat on a heron, so I didn't pursue him like a hungry escapee from a Gulag.) Put two four-foot tall statues of storks out there. My supply of pink flamingos being low. It didn't sway him from returning. Maybe I'll sic my attack parakeets on him next.


FARfetched said...

I'll send you my brother-in-law. He can lay in wait on the other side of a pond, pop up & peg a heron. I've seen him do it.

Rick Bylina said...

Ah, thanks. The pond is only 12x20 feet. I don't think he'd surprise the heron. I don't mind him thinning out the goldfish for a bit, but I don't want him to feel comfortable doing it. Netting over the pond for a few days will cure him. There is a 32,000 acre lake only two miles away for him to go back to. Perhaps in the FAR future it would be worth getting for food.

EPIC BATTLE: Man versus Blue Heron on Friday Night World-Wide Animal Smackdown. Next week: Gecko versus that grouchy beaver on the sleep aide commercials.

I gotta go blow off the deck.

Austin Carr said...

Well, anything you do now is a little too late for Tom, Dick, and Bart, huh? How would you like to be eaten alive?

Rick Bylina said...

By a blue heron? No way, but there was this redhead at the radio station in college who...

Well, let's just say she would have been Austin's type: sassy, self-assured, and a past hidden by the veil of intrigue.