Saturday, May 10, 2008

Monsters in the Closet

One hundred and forty-five days.

I'm in Wisconsin, the Badger state, the frozen north, the setting of my first unfinished 65,000 word novel that is the one that all novelists hide in the closet waiting for Silverfish to eat or that they burn in a fit of despair (I'm close) or that they hope will be the "I told you so novel" later in their career or that when they do pull it out once they've "made it" they remark how naive they were about what it takes to write a novel or how badly written it was.

Four days ago when I reread portions of it, it was poorly written, but, ya know, the plot still held together. Unfortunately, I still have another 70,000 words to go to finish out the complex plot. Oh, well. I'm good at delusional thinking.

Only one minute left on this computer, gotta go.

"Thank goodness," you whisper.

I heard that, smart aleck.


Ruth D~ said...

Did you see Bob Sanchez's post about the new genre? Senior set crime? I immediately thought of you . . . in a good way, of course.

Rick Bylina said...

Nope. Did not see it. Glad you thought of me in a good way. I've thought about the senior crime circuit (and even have an 80-year-old protagonist in one of my false starts), but now I'm trying to think beyond it because people are already jumping into that genre. Don't know what that is going to be, but it might be intelligent babies solving crimes telepathically while waiting for their diapers to be changed.