Friday, May 2, 2008

A Dinosaur Roars in Connecticutt

One hundred and fifty-three days.

What if there was an Earth-like planet that didn't get hit by a dinosaur killer asteroid? Would the dinosaurs have made much progress in the additional 250,000,000 years? Would Raptors evolve thumbs? And from where would they get their fossil fuels? Would there an equivalent to Madonna in the dinosaur world? Would Jesus have been a Brontosaurus. "Please, my brothers, pass the fern."

I'd write this, but it'd have to include a murder mystery aspect.


Ruth L.~ said...

So, Rick. Just a thought. While you're waiting for the novel to be . . . discovered . . . why not put your humor to use and write a different genre? A book of writing prompts for the depressed writer who has overdosed on ho-hos and is willing to prostitute himself for publication of any kind? Start with Dinosaur . . . and compile. I'm serious now, Rick. I think you could have something publishable. And I'd only ask for a small percentage of the royalties for sharing my idea.

Rick Bylina said...

Sheesh...I give away all these nice free story ideas, and you want royalties. C'mon now, the teachers retirement fund isn't that bad off.

Two times in two days I'm being told to go write in another genre. Should I follow this advice? Is it the road less traveled or paved over like the Jersey turnpike? Is it sage advice or fool's folly? Why am I asking all these rhetorical questions when I should be writing? Stop that!

Check out your Dinosaur story. Connery made a great dragon. He'll do well as a dinosauer.

By the way, rejection #439 came yesterday. This is almost as bad as my dating experience!