Friday, May 23, 2008

NANOWRIMO, are you there?

One hundred and thirty-two days.

Memorial Weekend...The weather will be gorgeous. I wish I were at the Writers Retreat Workshop in Erlanger, Kentucky at the Marydale Center for the next ten days, but I am not. I will have to pretend I'm there, writing, resting, learning, drinking (did I write that?), hob-nobing with published authors, agents, publishers, and other wizards of the publishing world.

I will just have to hunker down with "Even Cowgirls Get The Blues" and in-between social engagements and picking snow peas, maybe, just maybe, get some writing done.


paul lamb said...

Life intrudes, doesn't it? I find I have to steal time in order to write. Getting up at 3:00 a.m. on the weekends is one way but I don't recommend it.

Snow peas are tasty nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

You and me both, Rick.

I'm missing this year at WRW. I tried setting up some cheeze slices and poured some wine into some plastic cups - just to make it seem more like Erlanger - but the dog ate the cheeze before I could get to it. At least I had the wine. Sigh.

Have at it!

--Dennis B.

Austin Carr said...

Oh, my. I'm missing Kentucky, too...sniff, sniff. Tell me you didn't make caramels and mail them to the retreat house. Please. Lorin, Brenda, Roman, Jason...the whole gang. Wish I could see them all, but those caramels top everything.

Rick Bylina said...

Sorry Austin, but I did. Take heart though. The batch with pecans is a bit hard and the no nut batch is a month old, so it's not as fresh as previous batches. Let me know when the world tour heads south.

Dennis...the Ripple does wonders for the writing.

Paul...Is there a 3 a.m.? 118 snow peas picked yesterday before trotting off to score grade school persuasion papers from NJ. 103 snow peas this morning. Eating good now!