Saturday, December 1, 2007

NANOWRIMO's Next Novel Nudge

2008 NANOWRIMO is over. I failed to achieve the NANO goal. Congratulations to all who did whether they poked along at 1,667 words per day or wrote like a possessed demon whose muse wouldn't let go of them, shaking their fingers furiously until the last strong verb beat the crap out of a useless "was." Sammi slammed over 10,000 words in a day; some writers unknown to me did even more.

I covered just under 11,000 words in my attempt to Nanoize my next novel and did some editing of existing novels. While missing the NANO goal is disappointing, the whole point to NANO is to put the butt in the seat, get something done, shake off the brain dust, sharpen the thoughts, and focus on the thing that writers profess is their passion.

Writers write. It IS the only rule. And if it takes some oddball contest to wake some writers' up to that truth, I'm all for it.

Write on! Write on!! Brothers and sisters in writing. Amen. Write on!!!


Kimberly Frost said...

Congratulations on the just under 11,000 words for Nano. Though it wasn't what you were going for, it's an important chunk of words!

Anonymous said...

I managed to squeeze out 17,487 words, which is about 3K less than I'd hoped. (I'd actually hoped I'd finish the draft, but that didn't happen. I need less interuptions. Like that's going to happen in December, right?)

Rick Bylina said...

What? You mean you don't have productive Decembers? ;-)

Kim...What's the status of your books? Did NANO help? Or, should we have an JANOEDMO (January Novel Editing Month)?

Kimberly Frost said...


Good job & thanks for sharing your interesting comments on Rick's post of MWA's publishing list.