Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Faking it!

Trying to get my "average joe" some false identification. How would you do it?


Anonymous said...

Depends where they live and where they want to go or do. Check out john Darwin

Nancy P said...

Just for the driver's license, and depending on how good the quality has to be. . .I'd ask a college kid.

Rick Bylina said...

Think of a wrongly accused man who's going to be convicted for murder, but takes off before the verdict in order to restart his life as someone else. "The Fugitive" without the one-armed man.

College kids...Can you yell "Nark" before you get within five feet of them? :-)

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

If u read through the link u will find that John Darwin was allegedly deeply
in debt. One day he went canoeing in the sea, it was one of his hobbies and
disappeared. A huge air and sea search and recue was conducted by the police
and coastguard to no avail, although his canoe was found. After a year he
was pronounced dead. He turned up last week in London apparently well nourished and tanned. He had been living in Panama for the last 5 years.

Therefore facing imminent bankruptcy he skipped the country and started a new life.

I presume he will have used the identity of an infant who died at around the time he, himself was born to obtain a passport. Once you have a new passport you have a new identity and you can travel. Some countries are less stringrnt than others when issuing passports about confirming id etc etc.

Best wishes with your endeavours