Friday, December 28, 2007

Fired for Writing and Dumb Crooks

Okay, it's a teaser. The woman in this article was fired for writing on the job. She only wrote during the slow times. Slow times! What's that?

Why can't I write a criminal as dumb as these? Oh yeah, a novel must make some sense and these people make no sense.

Hope the holidays were wonderful for all. Time to get ready for our New Year's Day bash...Asian food for all, and then down to some serious writing about some non-serious stuff.

I thought I saw Austin Carr while I was visiting home in New Jersey, but a thug blocked my view and a redhead had him covered up.


Austin Carr said...

I was me!

paul lamb said...

I think half of the workforce of North America would get fired if "the man" knew the truth.

Ron V said...

I'm betting with the publicity, Tanja Shelton got an agent, a publisher and a 6-figure advance.