Saturday, December 29, 2007

Banned But Not Forgotten

On January 2nd, the world changes. No more smoking at cafes in France. This is hard to imagine, and I wonder how many ex-pat American writers, who lived and wrote in Paris, are rolling over in their papers at the moment?

I don't smoke, but I always have liquids nearby, sipping, sipping, sipping when I write. I can't imagine if diet coke (which actually is bad for us) were to be banned. How would I cope? Coffee! How many writers can't live without it? What do you have/do that you can't live without if the Lords of Laws banned it? Fuzzy dice? Pencils in mouth/behind ear/betwixt fingers? Cigarettes in YOUR house?


Anonymous said...

Chocolate, Rick. And Jimmy Buffett music. Everything else is expendable.

Rick Bylina said...

How could I possibly forget about chocolate?

Ruth D~ said...

I've been known to have a glass of red wine beside my laptop in the evening after work, right before supper, and I could do without it. Really! Flavenoids, got to get them somehow.