Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Write, er, White Stuff

Whoa! Where did Wednesday go? Oh yeah, that's right. I was working in another medium - painting. NANO has been sacrificed to the God of Time. Time is a harsh God, but a steady one, beating out the seconds of the day evenly, giving all of us the same amount of Time, allowing each of us to meter out the use of the gift of Time. My Time didn't go to writing, getting a job, studying for a test, watching TV (although I did get to see the "list" episode of "South Park" in half a stupor with my honey. Maybe today the God of Time will afford me the necessary attention to writing.

As for my painting, I can't pain anymore. I can't do it when it is cold and raw, like it is today, a huge change from the sunny 70s of yesterday. I think Andy Warhol would have appreciated my efforts. The ghostly after images of wood showing through the snowy white of the primer coat on my front porch. My neighbors cheer, the mossy green growth has been vanquished.


Nancy P said...

A Picasso of the porch?

The God of Time has proven to be a blowhard and faker in my life. He tries so hard to make me think he matters, but when I ignore him, he develops magical qualities available only to his initiates: he stretches, expands, relaxes, and suddenly, he's Mr. Oh, Who Cares.

I know this, but it doesn't keep me calm about my deadlines. :(

Rick Bylina said...

More like Curly of the Porch.

Nancy P said...

lol! Plus, it probably leaves your neighbors calling, "Mo! Mo!"

Rick Bylina said...

As long as I don't say, "Ho, ho, ho." It might get me in trouble in Australia.