Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Smell of Danger

It officially went below 32 degrees, but my gardenias are still in their second blooming -- the fall blush. It got me thinking about Joel Cairo from "The Maltese Falcon". It was his scent in the movie, although in the book it was something else less recognizable. It was very effeminate. What smell would your hunk detective or P.I. have about him? Cigars, cigarettes, Tiparellos?

Segueing my way through the writing world.


Austin Carr said...

The cops around here all smell like pizza.

Ruth D~ said...

Dewars on his breath.

Rick Bylina said...

He walked into the room smelling as though he'd crawled out of a pizza oven, but his breath told me a bar. I hit him once, but my hand just disappeared in his Pillsberry Doughboy center. Still, his breath came out in one huff, and we both passed out on the floor.

The next guy in my life will smell like money.
Some alter ego female in a novel not yet written.