Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Steal this idea - "The Bush Whack"

Conspiracy theorists and action authors, this is your day. What if Bush and the boys were right for all the wrong reasons? Huh! What if a routine army patrol finds yet another secret Iraqi installation, and it did contain elements of a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD). However, the actual weapon triggering devices were ported out of the country only days before the patrol finds the installation. After a brief firefight with the well-paid remaining Iraqi troops, the only clues point to a toy set to hit the Christmas market in two days that will kill thousands of kids world-wide instantly and render the families sick and dying over days. Can your agent overcome the maze of business denials, bureaucratic red-tape, and tight timeframe to stop the sale of this toy while uncovering the shocking truth that...

...the Icelandic President is backing the toys and sleazy manufacturer for years

...that the nebulus Council for Human Population Control supplied the money for the toy

(or some other nonsense)

Gee...almost sounds like a job for James Bond or Clive Cussler.


Austin Carr said...

Rick, I think you've been eating too much homemade candy. I know I have. Thanks.

Rick Bylina said...

Hope you found your "special" piece. (insert evil laughter here)

Austin Carr said...

Yes, I did. It seemed rolled in oddly-colored crystals, and though the room begged me not to try it, I did. TFA and I are hoping you will send us an antidote piece soon, as we don't think our series can go on with a frog in the lead role.

Rick Bylina said...

The antidote lies with writing, at least, 3,141 words per day for seven days.

Have fun!

BookClover said...

Hi Rick,

thanks so much for the link to your blog (very interesting you have that list of writing contests). I love your blog!