Friday, November 2, 2007

Post-Halloween Thoughts

I'm sad. The only two goblins I expected to see at my door in the middle of the woods never showed. And I had two 14 inch long okras for each boy figuring that kids these days eat too much candy and this would be better for them.
I like Halloween; my wife loves Halloween. I dressed in appropriate orange all day to scare the birds, forest animals, and goldfish. The goldfish, however, had this funny loving look in their eyes. I'll never wear all orange around them again.
Can we cease with the blood and gore Halloween movies? I wanted to relax with an Italian sausage on bun for an hour or two last night, and all I found on my 902 channels were gory "Halloween" movies. Vampires sucking, werewolves woofing, the dead rising, bees stinging, jellyfish jiggling, and sharks snapping. And just what do sharks have to do with Halloween? I mean, I like Jack Nicholson. "Here's Johnny." But the last time I checked, no one except some poor Eskimo on an ice flow gets that much snow at Halloween. My wife pulled out Bambi and slipped into the VHS. We breathed a sigh of relief until we realized 39 seconds later that it was my copy of "Bambi vs. Godzilla". End of story.
NANO day one went well. Have a log of each day near the bottom on the right-hand side.
Must go write; must think; must get rid of those okra, they're starting to stink.


L.L. Bartlett said...

You could always make gumbo.

Rick Bylina said...

At 14" in length, they'd make poor gumbo. They need to be 1-4" long to be tasty. I picked some more this morning, but the crop's about finished. When the nights dip below 50-55, they're growth becomes REAL minimal. Well, I have about ten-fifteen pounds stored away in the freezer for the winter.

Ruth D~ said...

LOL about the goldfish. :>)

Austin Carr said...

I think you have some 'splainin' to do, Mr. Rick.
If 14" okras aren't tasty, why were you going to hand them out to the neighborhood kids? Were you by chance dumping your trash on innocent children?

Rick Bylina said...

Well, it is afterall called TRICK or treat. ;-0 Besides, I did have 12 caramels for each kid after they were revived, but now they'll have to wait for Christmas for them.