Sunday, October 7, 2007


I'm in. Are you? User name is anilyb. (For those who haven't had their cup of coffee, that's my last name backwards.) I have no idea what I'm writing about, but I'm going outside to cut up some firewood with my chainsaw and think up an outline of a story. Chainsaw? Story? Murder? Naw. It's been done to death. Oooo. But what if the tree falls on me. And I'm alone. And it starts snowing. And the chainsaw is out of reach. And my wife has just left to go up north for a week of ice fishing with her brothers. Naw. But I'll figure something out by next week.


Kare said...

dancin_kare from the website here :) I'm MLing for Chapel Hill.

All I'm going to say is that it ought to involve some sort of animal - pet / farm animal / bird / mythical creature .... who at least one character legitimately thinks can nonverbally communicate with humans.

(think about could be interesting)

Rick Bylina said...

Hmm. My cockateil communicates with me all the time. Nips at me when he's hungry, tired, needs to poop, thirsty, scared (which is often), or to intimidate me. Then there's the stare: "I need a girlfriend rattles around and settles in my mind. ;-)


Austin Carr said...

Not a bird. A dog. Your favorite pet, a pal who rides all over town with you. But then, in the snow storm, he runs out of food, too.

The relationship changes. He starts eyeing that chainsaw, too.

Rick Bylina said...

Austin is right as always, but my cockateil would be a damn small meal. I think I'll adopt a turkey.

U2Lorax said...

I'm in! Don't have an idea either, tho I do have a character I'm fond of. And, somehow, a witch will be in it. Or a werewolf. Or a vampire. Or a clairvoyant. Perhaps all of the above.

Always happens. I try to write a regular ol mystery and end up with urban fantasy instead.

Perhaps the tree you were cutting down was actually the prison of an innocent gargoyle. And now that you've freed him, he wants your help in getting vengeance. Or maybe he just wants to eat your cockateil.

As for Nanoland, I'm TheLorax over there.