Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Detective Stark arrived on the scene. The skull and crossbones biker club occupied the outside of "The Little Bar". Full beer mugs clinked like bones rattling. Biker chicks squealed from advances or the lack of them. A girl with flaming red hair grabbed a guy with a Jersey Devils shirt on and smothered him to her Pamela Andersons. Though loud, they were orderly for a biker club. Stark walked over to Officer Rodriquez, who was questioning a shuddering skeleton.

"They seem to be enjoying themselves." He nodded in the direction of the bikers.

"Yes, sir." She kept writing her report.

"Why didn't the skeleton cross the road and join them?"

Rodriquez flipped through her notes. "I asked him the same thing."


"He didn't have the guts."
I want candy! I want candy! I want candy!


Nancy P said...


So I want to know. . .was it her Pamela Andersons that were loud but orderly for a biker bar?

Rick Bylina said...

Damn those unattributed pronouns. However, I think it works both ways. ;-)

Sarah Caravel said...

you are so damn funny! do you get that a lot? i'm not talking about the joke- cause that was just painful. (and were you really thinking candy at 4:30am?) i'm talking about your emails. (i have an anti-gravity pen as well. but mine sucks. i prefer my uniball micro vision.)
nanowrimo on.

Rick Bylina said...

Yes, I actually was thinking of candy at 4:30 in the morning. I have very poor sleeping habits.

My real anti-gravity pen quit working years ago when a small black hole passed through a coke can I had sitting on the window sill. Everything gravitated to the hole created, no bigger than a ball point pen. It must have passed through the earth at a tremendous velocity and allowed the Asian flu to start early that year as the germs popped out of the hole like a gusher. Took me days to fill the hole in the ground, but a wandering band of ants in search of a new home helped to seal it, so I let them live. The super gravit of the black hole corrupted the pen. NSA came by and confiscated the can. I have no evidence, but I also haven't had the flue since this happened. Some people will say that life sucks, but I know the truth. Black holes do a much better job.

NANO on! You betcha.