Monday, October 8, 2007

MMWUC for October 8, 2007

EXERCISE: Columbus Day cancels class, but the writers gather on their own. They do that you know--writing on--despite events going on around them. Downtown, Norwegian descendants fight Italians financed by the Spanish over the right to claim land inhabited by Native Americans who wandered across the Being Sea from Asia 14,568 years ago. I figured out the exact year, ya know. The writers don't care. They conjecture about landing on other worlds with strange beings, the emotional angst of growing up in a two mother or two father family, how to murder someone in a way that hasn't been done before, and what would happen if Bambi really DID meet Godzilla? Somewhere an ape throws a bone high into the sky and hits a butterfly. The dying butterfly flaps no more and causes the mother of all hurricanes to hit Wrightsville Beach on October 19th. It will be just my luck. Chaos.

MUSINGS: I think I've mused too much already. "Close your eyes (unless your driving), take a deep breath (but not if you're in a fire at the moment), and relax (unless you're fleeing a Grizzly Bear in Yellowstone Park). For the next ten minutes, write from the protagonists POV, 'The clown approached...'."


Kimberly Frost said...

Morning, Rick!

Yesterday I battled against passive all day and went to bed exhausted. This morning I'm at it again, trying to finish this last round of editing on my mystery so I can send it off to be proofread.

It's almost time for Nano. Are you preparing or have you already started writing?

Rick Bylina said...

Morning...Auch Mensch!!! Writing beforehand is a crime in NANOland punishable by nasty thought waves from Chris Baty.

Don't even have a plot yet...see Sunday's posting. But I will before too long.

Set more modest goals for your editing: two chapters, then chocolate, two chapters, then a short walk, two chapters, then more chocolate, purge, two chapters, a slice of apple pie that someone else baked, and so on.

Edit away and fill the day.


Ruth L.~ said...

Hey Rick, since you like musing and frequent breaks from writing, how would you like to create a writing exercise for the IWW practice group?