Monday, October 22, 2007

MMWUC for October 22, 2007

EXERCISE: The gathering students watch the diorama for inspiration.
"It can't be true," the writer yelled. The building shook with his words.

Angel leaned over and laid a white gloved hand on his shoulder. "It's okay. Nobody there understood you anyway."

He spun around and locked a stern gaze on to her green eyes. "Look homeward, Angel. I can almost see it."

She could heard the lie in his words. "No," she said, her rich voice crashing with emotion. "You can't go home again."
The actor strode to center stage. "Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and relax. Write for the next ten minutes from the protagonists POV, 'I was alone with my thoughts when...'."

MUSINGS: Okay, I'm alone with my thoughts, and they are again turning toward chocolate. I want chocolate. There, I've written it. I feel better, but I still don't have any chocolate. And writing about it isn't giving me that sweet endorphin rush. And there is no chocolate in the house, and it's a long way to chocolate from where I live. I've even polished off the semi-morsels for baking. I think there are some of those nasty tea stick, ya know, the ones about six inches long that are really rolled wafers that look like cigars in the Virginia Slims people had made cigars. That might work. With NANO coming, I've got to find some cheap candy. Wait! Halloween's coming. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Chris Baty. I knew you created NANOWRIMO in November for a reason. All writers can be high on Halloween candy while they writer their 50,000 words. What a pair of evil geniuses! I still don't have chocolate, but the future is looking brighter as I cradle my thoughts.


L.L. Bartlett said...

I found a "chocolate coin" in the bag I brought home from the library conference last week.

I was not going to eat it. I was not going to eat it. I was going to save it.

(I inhaled it.)

Rick Bylina said...

The call of the chocolate is strong. Very strong.

Kimberly Frost said...


I read your post about the caramels. 800! That's incredible.

And you're so right about sugar buzzes being fun for writing. Unfortunately, there's a downside to sugarfests. If not I'd turn my house into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and have done with it.

Instead, I'm trying something relatively new...brainstorming on the treadmill. Seems to be working. I won't say it's as fun as eating caramel, but it's pretty good.

Rick Bylina said...

I'll wrap about 3500 before the holiday season is done.

For those confused, the post to which she is referring was on another site: .

"Brainstorming on the Treadmill" -- She churns the treadmill by day and writes by night, but what about the hungry chipmunks inside the device? Will Chip and Dale get them out? Will they seek revenge? Will they eat the caramels? Can Kim run fast enough to get away?

katiebird said...

Hi Rick,
I just wanted to thank you for posting updates and thoughts at Eat4Today -- I love them!

I had no idea, that you make candy.