Sunday, June 5, 2011

What Are Your Characters Reading?

The good Judge Susan Baker ( ) recently asked, "So what are you all reading this summer?" Good question. Some good answers popped up. And they increased, in an odd way, my anxiety that I'm not reading enough or possibly not reading the right stuff. But the real question is, as your protagonist fights your antagonist, "What are these characters reading this summer?" My studious Detective Roger Stark is reading "Crime and Punishment" while Faith Moreno sinks her teeth into "The Kingdom of Childhood". My evil turkey in "The Turkey Chronicles" is reading "To Serve Humans," a book he found made famous on the 1962 television show, "The Twilight Zone". Supposedly, we taste best stewed.

So, what is your protagonist or antagonist reading?


Ramrobb said...

Protagonist Koichi Grant (Tea with Methuselah) is rereading The Epic of Gilgamesh together with Robert Service's poetry--he suspects that Robert plagiarized the Epic in The Cremation of Sam McGee. Antagonist Special Agent in Chief Elmo P. Luger is devouring--breathing fast, heart pounding--his recently arrived copy of the Shooter's Bible for 1989.

Rebeca said...

My MC and protagonist is re-reading Alvah Bessie's Men in Battle. While the antagonist is reading Russell Kirk's The Conservative Mind.

Rick Bylina said...

Yikes, Rebecca. What is the referee in the middle reading? "How to Make Friends and Influence people"?