Monday, June 13, 2011

MMWUC - Sydney Ate My Homework

Animals. My wife insists I must have a lovable/evil/faithful/treacherous animal in every story because there are so many pets and pet lovers in the world. People are drawn to pets. People will hate the villain when he/she/it hurts an animal...even more so than when he hurts the human protagonist. They are so vulnerable, helpless (well, except for pit bulls, alligators, and pit vipers), and often cute. So, after one book with only a couple of walk-ons by Rin-Tin-Tin and a hapless rainbow trout, I hereby promise to include an animal in every book from now on. Sydney, my pet cockatiel currently sitting on my shoulder, agreed and said, "Me first." Wise guy. We'll see. So do you consciously put an animal in your stores or do they just happen to wind up there because the story went in that direction? Inquiring guppies want to know.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rick,
Thanks for re-instituting your MMWUC's. I remember after my first WRW (2006) that I really felt like part of a writing community when I joined our list serve and got your Monday inspirations.

I include animals in my stories as a natural addition. Living with two dogs and three cats at the moment, pets are a huge part of my life and just land in my fictional life as well.

I won't be at WRW this year, either, but I'm sure we'll be thought of with good humor :)

Rick Bylina said...

Thanks for commenting. I have a placid platypus in a new story as one of the animals. Can't tell you how he fits in, but you'll be able to read about him in early 2013 hopefully. If all goes according to scheduled, WRW is in my plans for 2012.

Ramrobb said...

I haven't been putting pets in at all. Maybe that's why agents keep spurning me. Don didn't mention my lack of pets.
When I tried to remember important pets in literature, my first thought was Ahab's beloved Moby Dick. Then there was Kimberly's Mercutio, followed by Christine's Perky. Janet has her dragon and Robert Parker has Pearl. I recall Lassy. Garfield. On and on. I am a changed writer.