Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Power Writing

Most people think of power writing as plowing through a story getting thousands of words down on paper as fast as possible, racking up 5, 10, or even 15,000 words in one long session, leaving the editing for some future point in time. For me, power writing is getting the electricity back on after a harsh wind has knocked the power off somewhere up the line. I'm the second to last house own our electric grid. Anything that happens upstream, storm, car accident, Godzilla attacking the electric lines, affects my house.

It's nice to have power. I hope you kept writing. I got the garden cleaned out, some wood chopped, and the snow peas planted. The only good thing was the mild weather (70s with an unseasonable overnight low of 61.

Now, let's get out there and write.


paul lamb said...

And in contrast, earlier writers had to contend with the ink freezing in the inkwells.

Rick Bylina said...

I know. I'm such a weeney. And think of poor Auck, just painting on the cave wall and not noticing the pair of eyes a bit further down the in the cave.

"YUMMY." The sabertooth tiger smacked his lips one last time.

Anonymous said...

You're planting snow peas? And here I was celebrating because enough snow has melted that I can see the leftover tufts of some of my perrenials.

I hate winter.

Rick Bylina said...

Global warming (except in China and Wisconsin this winter). I've got tomatoes in my sunroom. Much more stuff going in the ground in two weeks. Don't worry July will be there soon enough for you to plant tomatoes. ;-)

FARfetched said...

I've been handwriting a lot of first draft stuff lately — I just carry a small (5x7) pad & pen with me when I go to lunch and get at it. I don't think it makes the writing better, it's just portable. It also tends to work better than a computer when the power's out, and immune to hard drive crashes (but not water spills). :-P