Monday, February 4, 2008

MMWUC for February 4, 2008

EXERCISE: A giant stood in front of the writers. "Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let it out nice and slow. For the next ten minutes, write from the protagonists POV, "He saw his dream taking shape...'." The giant smiled and left for a party.

MUSING: I mused yesterday. Today I have to chop wood or look for work or do some writing or read another book or work on my bills or clean up around the house or ... how come my fictional characters never do that stuff?

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FARfetched said...

Yeah, Rick, why don't they? Anyone can relate to characters doing "that stuff" — well, maybe not the writing or chopping wood parts, but you know what I mean. But sub' some generic version of work for "writing" and away you go.

Seems to me the protags in the "hardboiled" novels were often riding the financial edge. Maybe your protag needs to take on a part-time job at Burger King to pay the bills, and then learn something important to a case while ringing up an order…