Sunday, January 6, 2008

Steal this idea - "The Dead Candidates"

John Wilkes Struthers is fed up with the political system, and his unlikely friend, next door neighbor, Xi Chang, agrees that something must be done to stop the flood of illegal immigrants, high taxes, and America's involvement in foreign lands. Xi even agrees that English should be the official language. "I work very hard to speak my adopted country's language. All these other wahoos can do it too."

John, an ex-demolition expert in the army, sets out to level the playing field with financial support from Xi. "If I blow up all those yakking politicians at the next debate, maybe someone with commonsense will run for president." While John and Xi start to figure out how to get rid of the politicians in Capital City's big debate in three weeks, Xi, a Chinese mole, has his small organization plow the field to make sure John can execute his plan. With the current set of candidates out of the way, the pro-Chinese candidate will surely rise to the top.

Who will stop him or can this plan just work to our advantage.


Mary said...

Here in Missouri, we elect dead men . . .well, just one, Mel Carnahan, and his widow did a darned fine job, too.

Rick Bylina said...

I believe it was Ward, Colorado, a retirement community for hippies in the mountains, elected a man who died weeks before the election mayor. Years later, a friend said a dog was elected mayor.

I understand the dog did a dog-gone good job.