Tuesday, January 29, 2008


When I write, I use a breakdown of "The Fugitive" (yeah, I know it's a movie) as a model for my ups and downs in my story, when my right angle turns occur, when my character learns what he/she needs to know to fight back, and when my character learns the antagonist's Achilles Heel that helps the protagonist fight back during his black moment in front of the climax.

I'd love to use "Casablanca" (my favorite movie), but "C" does something unique as pointed out by Robert McKee in his book "Story". "C" starts off setting up the subplots before the inciting incident of the main plot line occurs. It is brilliant and tough to match up against.

What book/movie do you hold up as a model for guiding you through the pacing of your novel.


Kimberly Frost said...


I haven't really used any movies as models as yet, but if I were going to write mystery/suspense/thrillers, I'd probably pick ones that I like to watch over and over. L.A. Confidential, Dead Again, and The Bourne Identity come to mind.

Austin Carr said...

OK, I know this sounds radical, but try it. Hanzel and Gretel is a solid track for suspense. I did not make this up.

Kim, we missed you when you left.

Rick Bylina said...

Love "The Bourne Identity". It never stops moving even when it is reflective.

"Hanzel und Gretel"! Austin, are you sure that Gretel isn't a redhead and you're just making a play for her? She must be one tasty dish.

Austin Carr said...

I swear. It's listed in Carolyn Wheat's book on craft, "Killer Fiction."