Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Steal this idea - "The Chicken Bones"

Bones is a popular word in many book titles recently: "The Lovely Bones", "The Bone Collector", "The Bone Garden", and many more. How about "The Chicken Bones". Stay with me here. Some schmo burglarized an apartment, ate some chicken, and eventually got caught because of his DNA on the chicken bones. That's kind of funny in of itself, but what if that is only the tip of the iceberg to the story. What if one of the guns he stole out of that apartment led to a famous historical murder and the cops have a new clue, but some powerful people don't want the murder to be "resolved." Could be dicey.


Anonymous said...

When I was robbed, the "detectives" covered the entire house in black fingerprint powder and didn't get one decent print, despite the fact the guy thawed hotdogs, poured ketchup and relish in a pot to heat them through, opened jars of pickles, ate all our turkey pepperoni and discarded the wrapper, and drank all our Scotch. But they didn't get ONE print. (And none of ours, either.)

They knew who commited the crime because he pawned next door's microwave, and Oh! This was the THIRD TIME he'd robbed the neighborhood (his grandparents live two houses down) but they decided not to prosecute because the county next door got him on a parole violation. Yeah, and he'll be out this summer...and no doubt rob the neighborhood again. (I'm already saving up for a new microwave.)

Rick Bylina said...

What's the matter with the cops in your town? Didn't they ever watch CSI? Time for a neighborhood watch program or a stiff talk with the grandparents that their grandson could get seriously hurt if he crosses the neighbors and for his own sake, maybe he shouldn't come around.

FARfetched said...

Chicken bones, indeed. Remind me to send you a photo of the innards of the incinerator from my own personal version of Hell.

Lorraine, that's really crazy. Maybe you should contact your local DA and ask them to prosecute this idiot after the probation violation is done. They did that to my son, and the only victim of his crimes is himself. It takes several months for a prosecution to hit the calendar, so (if your DA office has any sense) they can time it so he's in court for burglary as soon as he's out of the clink.

Or stash your appliances and replace them with junk until he breaks in again. When we got broken into, before The Boy was born, they got a broken VCR and a TV on its last legs along with the good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Would you believe the thief left behind one of the TVs because it wasn't cable ready? He took the boom box, but left all our New Age CDS. (Music critic.) Luckily, microwaves are only about $100. My father was really pissed, though, because his Craftsmen tools were taken, too.

The neighbors were really pissed, and only one still speaks to the grandparents, who refused to cooperate with the deputies. (The grandson, a drug addict, has been in and out of jail since he was 18. He's in his 30s now.)

katiebird said...

And the little ones chewed on the bones-OH!

Lorraine, could you imagine being saddled with a Trouble Boy who refuses to grow up? I'm not saying you should befriend the grandparents (honestly I'm not), or justify their lack of civic-responsibility -- but it sounds like they've got a seriously miserable life.