Monday, January 14, 2008

MMWUC for January 14, 2008

EXERCISE: I awoke late and exercised by sprinting to class where I found all the writers gone, save for one who had backed himself into a corner with a thermos of coffee, squeezed into minefield of tables and chairs, hidden behind a stack of papers as though he was in a writer's bunker. "Where are they?" I asked. "Writing," he said, not raising his head or missing a stroke of his quill pen. "Oh," I responded brilliantly despondent that no one would hear my brilliant and inspirational words. The writer heard my sorrowful one-word response. "They're writing," he said. The scratching of his pen halted. "That's all that matters."

MUSINGS: Got the point. Let's get to it. The lack of a muse can't stop you from laying words on a page. Sometimes you have to purge yourself of the meaningless words before the muse will return. The muse doesn't like to work in a trashy environment.

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