Monday, May 21, 2012

MMWUC: Something from Nothing is Something

This is not the post I wrote for today. That post is delayed, just like my trip to drive a car from Raleigh, NC to Salt Lake City, UT due to "paperwork interruptus". How shall I use my time during this delay when all those chores I do were neatly pre-done, put-off, re-arranged, and re-worked beforehand. I have an idea. I could shut down the social media and write. Ignore everyone and put some editing touches of a long-finished novel that I can't let go of. "Will anyone like it? Will they understand the nuances at the end? Will they get to the end? Is the protagonist too whiny? (I do have a bad habit of making my protagonists whiny in early drafts.) Is there enough action? Is there too much action? Am I waxing lyrical about the southern flora and fauna, or causing some readers to fall asleep in the hammocks of their mind?

We struggle as writers, write, re-write, get critiqued, edit, and then hope we find a good editor to beat some commonsense into our story before it goes live searching for "5" star reviews from people other than those on the friends and family plan.

Perhaps, with all of tomorrow's chores done, maybe Sydney and I will sleep long in the real backyard hammock and dream: him, about female cockatiels and me, about having written the story.

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Holly Michael said...

I nominated you for an award because you are quite hilarious! It's on my blog.