Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Self-Publishig Struggles and Satisfaction

Successful self-publishing is not for the timid, tired, or easily traumatized writer. Two weeks into the ongoing adventure to self-publish "One Promise Too Many," I'm trying to do it without help. Professional help would be easier, but cost a few bucks. Using standardized templates and such would be easier, but I'd not stick out in the growing forest of quickly thrown-over-the-fence books by frustrated writers. So, I cobbled together my own cover, had the book edited a dozen times by sincere and helpful friends, and got lucky with Ron #2, 35 years of AP experience as an editor. I formatted the book nearly flawlessly the first time (I do read the instructions in the box). The real challenge is the paperback cover sans help and the $550+ recommended software. Did I do it right when I sent it at midnight last night? I will find out from Createspace today, then the book will be on Amazon. And then marketing plan phase 2 can begin.

It all reminds me of when I designed, drew the blueprints, engineered, and was the general contractor for my house with no "industry" experience. Terrifying, but ultimately, very satisfying. When was the last time you or your protagonist stretched their abilities and tasted the sweetness of surviving a hard fought challenge.

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