Friday, August 5, 2011

Changing Lives - Story Fodder

One week ago, I became an author when I published "One Promise Too Many" on Smashwords. It'll be available on Apple by this time next week. The paperback might be out by this time next week also. However, the most important event this week was Big Red's disintegration. Big Red was my 20-year-old Ford Explorer, a wedding present between me and my wife. It decided to try and burn up because a locked brake mechanism shot searing hot fluid against the engine causing a gray smoke screen. After being towed to the garage, the mechanic looked at it, spit on the ground, and said, "Shoulda burnt up. You was mighty lucky." Barreling down the street sans brakes in traffic trailing a smoky, gray fog didn't feel so lucky to me.

So, where did you get your latest story idea? Mine is about a guy whose car catches on fire, crashes into gas pump, and causes an inferno trapping four fleeing bank robbers who now risk capture or death while helping other people trapped with them in the aftermath. Maybe I'll blog about this again sometime in early 2013.


Edith said...

Rick, you need to train your cars better, mine waited until I took it for inspection before it let the brake pipes rip. Good old Nepomuk would never let me down. ;-)

Rick Bylina said...

Or, I need, even at this late date in life, to look after my cars a bit more.