Sunday, September 9, 2007

Steal this idea - The Popcorn Affair

This article informed and angered me about the dangers of getting lung disease and dying from popping microwave popcorn. This and my natural tendency to want to kill sparked an idea for a story about a man who wants his wife dead for insurance money, plans her murder, but she contracts some lung disease from microwave popcorn (She's popcornholic). He needs to call of the murder and does as she's dying, but the hired murderer blackmails the husband so in order to survive, he kills the hired killer. She learns that her husband killed someone, and believes she is next...she's in denial stage about the lung disease from she starts pestering the cops about him. The cops thinks she's loony and...well you figure out the ending and the twist. I've got a few in my mind. Write on.

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Ruth D~ said...

I think if you eat enough microwave popcorn to get a lung disease, you'd have lots of other bothersome symptoms as well. Like . . . well, you've got an imagination.