Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Steal this idea -- Morning has Broken

I awoke after a long night with little sleep. Maybe my doctor's right. Ten cups of coffee a day is too much. I stopped counting sheep after I shot one who decided to squat. I'll have none of that in my bedroom. He must have crawled off in the dark, and now I'm left with a .45 hole in my ceiling and probably some excrement in my slippers. Most disturbing was the news report on the radio--morning has broken. Cat Stevens, yeah, he did it, but now we have to deal with the consequences. Sure ther will be lawsuits because of it, probably a few car accidents as people rubberneck looking at the broken morning like they did a few weeks ago when evening fell. It was a long night after that, and I was as busy as girl car hop at an all-night drive-in burger joint next to a male fraternity house on the Saturday night after the big win.

But now I'm going to have a busy day trying to track down the Cat and fix the morning. It needs to be done before darkness comes again. Pity me. For I am, the Sandman.

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