Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Morning Madness Rectified (see previous)

Chain saw and weedwhacker fixed. Sydney being very affectionate. Tree down. Tire fixed for free with coupon. (It was screwed.) The 20-year-old car passed inspection. Ate cantalope instead of burnt bacon for breakfast. My heart thanks me. Alarm set to higher threshold. Snuck up on a deer and threw a nunchuck in retalitation for tipping over my sprinkler. It hit her in the ass. Eliminated one squirrel...don't ask. Removed third tick and roasted it. World returning to normal chaos. Now, where is my protagonist?


Ruth D~ said...

Um . . . is this why you write, Rick? there is just so much excitement in your life that you have to share it?


Rick Bylina said...

Life is what it is, and life seems to come at me with fists of fury. I just wish I had the time to capture it all.