Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Book Review: Tidal Surge

Read an ARC. Equal parts horror, suspense, romance, and paranormal mysticism, TIDAL SURGE is a heavily plotted, well-written novel that is captivating on several levels. While the main character, Liliha, searches for peace, that's the last thing that comes to her even with marriage to the love of her life and a hopeful attempt at reconciliation with her daughter from a previous marriage. All this occurs despite her empathetic prowess through ancient Egyptian artifacts that can elevate one's positive or negative impacts on the lives of others.

The author balances several characters effectively and breathes life into each of the diverse individuals, ensuring they come together in the horrifying conclusion that bodes a promise of more to come for some of the characters. The suspenseful plot twists and turns continuously and is enhanced by the moody British weather. (Is it ever not moody?)

This is a worthy sequel to STILL ROCK WATER. While I'm not big on the paranormal aspect of the story (a personal bias), others who like Egyptian lore, spiritualism, and paranormal effects on the here-and-now should find this an excellent read. I liked the crisp and clean language. The sub-plots held more interest for me than the main paranormal plot line. Liliha might try to influence me to give this a "5", but for my more reality-based taste, it's a top shelf "4".


Francene Stanley said...

Thank you so much, Rick for this candid review. I couldn't have hoped for more from a non-beleiver.

Edith Parzefall said...

Great review of a wonderful novel, Rick!