Monday, September 10, 2012

MMWUC - Writer's Vacation

Obligatory Cute Animal High-Fiving
As most of the free world knows, I'm on vacation at the family cabin in northern Wisconsin overlooking the shores of Lake Enterprise. But, someone commented, "Does a writer ever go on vacation?" I forget my snappy response, lost in a sea of other words that needed more consideration. But even while being in suspended animation from the act of writing, I've jotted down ideas for seven more stories; two even sound promising. Here's a sampling.

* Sixteen-year-old Evelyn Crishler awoke pregnant, having never known the touch of a man: the second coming or human evolution? Her problems have only just begun.

* At a cabin on a remote lake, frustrated writer Sam Bly finds six dead teenagers while walking in the woods then discovers he's not alone.

* When a small meteorite smacks into a small lake drowning residents in vacation cabins, only Josh Johnson survives, but who is he?

* Four octogenarian women gather at the lake cabin for a last time after coming up to it for seventy years. Will old stories draw them together or tear them apart?

And on and on it goes. So I guess: writers never stop, they just give the keyboard a vacation.
- - -
Five years ago, someone on the Murder Must Advertise site once asked for help with promoting her book. I, never without something to say, wrote back with a dozen ideas. This was one of them.

* Do a rapping' grandma bit about your novel for YouTube.  That'd be different and would attract the younger audience.

"Murder, mayhem in the old south
Crawdads and shrimp fill up your mouth
Old folks read more murders these days
Go buy my book for gramps today.

I am June Shaw and I write books
Dash of murder and girls with looks
C'mon move and live the danger
Buy my book Relative Stranger"

I guess I scared her. The book is now titled Relative Danger. Advise from this odd-ball stranger was just too much to handle.


Holly Michael said...

Enjoy your vacation! And I am intrgued with your story ideas.

Rick Bylina said...

Steal away. I have too many to do in this life time.