Monday, September 17, 2012

MMWUC - Are we there yet?

I'm editing my novel, still; revising my edits, pouring over critiques, running spell checks, performing grammar checks, looking over what my first readers had to say, listening for echoes, checking for misused words, color-coding sentences to ensure each one shows action, identifying motivation, heightening the emotions of the characters, revealing something, raising the stakes, and tightening the action.

Oh God! Should I remove the scene at the church? Does it really mean what I think it does or is it snoozeville for the reader? Are there some characters that I don't need? Does that guy Bob really need to be in the story? Do I really have to pile bad things on top of bad things on top the horrible things for my protagonist? I feel his pain, and I've gotten teary-eyed at the end of my own story.

The editor has gone through the book and has volunteered to read it again as a reader this time to give me an "emotional" feel about the book and look for anything she might have missed the first time around. But it is at this end game to the book that makes me wonder what more could I have done.

Yes, I know its an unconventional mystery, and is more about healing at times, subordinating the mystery for lengthy periods of time while the protagonist gathers strength and grows while fighting inner demons rather than outer conflicts. Is that a mistake or is it just another way to look at a mystery?

Arg! Maybe I should through it in the garbage can. I've been thinking about a new story.

Fed up with congressional impotence, former Playboy centerfold, Ima Lotta, rejects her cushy lifestyle to run for Congress. "Well, there are a lot of boobs there already. So I'm a natural." After a surprise win of her congressional seat, she quickly becomes a Capital Hill favorite by her efforts to get congressional members to agree on passing measures that are sent to the President for signature. "The work is so exhausting, but so thrilling." She is then voted in as President pro tempore of the Senate, over the objections of many. After the President, Vice-President, and Speaker of the House are killed in a hot dog eating contest during her 36th birthday party, she becomes President of the United States by succession. Then, the fun begins.

Okay, it's late. I'm tired. I'm on vacation. What do you want?


Ingrid said...

Whatever you do, do NOT throw it in the trashcan!!! Maybe you need some Godiva truffles, my friend. Chocolate cures all maladies, particularly of the heart.

Have an awesome Monday!


Robin Cain said...

As I always say, at some point, one has to stop beating the horse. Your story is fabulous, Rick. Set it aside for a bit and go enjoy your lovely lake views. Have a cocktail or two. Life isn't about getting everything perfect, it's about perfecting life. Enjoy!

Rick Bylina said...

IB/RC. A good night's sleep is also a powerful thing. The tweaking continues. Maybe a Culver's butterburger and chocolate custard will help things. :-) Edit on!