Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Book Review: "Bigfoot Hunters" by Rick Gualtieri

Don't take this book on a camping trip. Take it to the beach. You'll thank me later. In the beginning of Bigfoot Hunters by Rick Gualtieri, I was thinking 'another typical Tuesday night made-for-TV movie (book).' Which kids get whacked by doing something stupid? But the action and stakes kept rising until it is outright carnage and full-scale war between Bigfoot and man. I was in it for the full ride. Though I think Rick gave away too much with continual 'what he/she/it didn't know' lines, it was done well. Hopefully for his next book, he'll let the action rip and scare us even further with turn-of-events that haven't had their horror broadcasted moments earlier.

Still, he stayed away from cliché situations and cardboard characters for the most part, giving the main characters more balance then typical horror fare. And there were a lot of characters and a boatload of POVs (Point-of-Views). Though not a fan of stories with a cast of hundreds, I never felt lost flopping from one situation to the other when the action heated up and you needed to catch up with the latest victim and occasional survivor. Some of his twists caught me and the angry Bigfoots by surprise. And there's one girl I want on my side in any situation. I've camped in the Wolf Creek Pass area years ago, and if Bigfoot is around, this is certainly territory worthy of their homestead. Bigfoot Hunters is a solid "4." Wait, what was that horrible shrill call from the woods?

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