Monday, February 6, 2012

MMWUC - The Groundhog's Super Bowl Valentine's Writing Day

Wake up! Groundhog's Day is over. We have six more weeks of wintry weather. That's some good writin' time. Super Bowl is over. Congrats Giants. Green Bay next year. 2016-it's the Detroit Lions vs. Jacksonville Jaguars. Yeah, Valentine's Day is coming up-a card and a few flowers covers it for most guys-it's a quickie. Some dead guys get celebrated-as they should-but now it's time for real writers to get to work. Seriously, we need some good indie books written.

Pretender's pepper their New Year's resolutions with goals like lose 100 pounds without being on America's Biggest Loser (can you imagine the pitch this guy had to do with that as the title), climb the highest peak in each of New Jersey's 21 counties, and write a best-selling novel. Real writers' mind closets are bursting with new story lines, characters, places, events rendered differently than the history books suggest. Real writers take a short vacations from pressing keys, but they are always writing. Real writers never run our of ink, they just find another tool. Give me that chisel and hammer. I've got an idea.

Real writers just write. As we say on Twitter #amwriting. Outta my way blank page.

February 2, 1887, Fred and Ernie lay in blissful slumber in the frosty domain until the mayor of Punxatuney ripped Fred from his beloved partner, held him up in front of a bunch of drunken Methodists, and proclaimed, "Six more weeks of Winter. Let's eat." Ernie bit the mayor on the ankle. Fred wiggled free and dove for cover deeper than before in their hidey-hole where they lay in each others loving embrace for another six weeks.

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