Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Book Review: "Penelope and the Movie Star"

OMG! Penelope In Trouble Again

Tween mystery-solver Penelope Amour rises to the occasion again in Ron D. Voigts' "Penelope and the Movie Star". Back at Tiffin Prep, events unfold with Penelope constantly at odds with Headmaster Malcolm Merriweather, some teachers, cops, bad guys, and many of the other students. But troubles start to mount for Penelope almost from the moment her oversized suitcase pins her to the ground and her mother tells her to stop fooling around. Student alliances are realigned after spring break when a new girl starts classes. Dining is no longer a pleasure courtesy of the new cook who's cooking more than the food. And when a film crew comes to Tiffin to shot a movie, murder is once again in the air. Altogether, this gives Penelope another load of difficult challenges to surmount to solve a murder mystery that baffles the adults. Penelope's penchant for attracting trouble and getting out of it shines, as do the antics of some of the secondary characters. I'm serving PATMS a 4-star rating.

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