Sunday, July 20, 2008

Recorders versus Blogging

Hard to blog at 28.8 modem while downloading massive YouTube recorder concerts for your wife. The tropical storm fizzled and missed us. No large amounts of rain as desired. Now the furnace is turned on for the next two days, 100 or so. Time to hibernate inside after picking vegetables, chopping wood, pullling weeds, moving mulch, stacking concrete, running from moisquitoes, slapping at horseflies, shooing away deer, drowing squirrels, feeding fish and birds, and weedwhack the weeds. Hey, at least the late summer corn crop is growing like a weed. I cannot believe it, eight days planted and six inches high. Must be the potent squirrel poop in that part of the yard. Oops. Gotta go throw the laundry in the dryer and pretend I've written 500 words today. "Really, Mr. Barretta. It's all in my head."


Kimberly Frost said...

Is it just me or is all this technology a little overwhelming at times?

Rick Bylina said...

It's not you. It's the state of the business nowadays where there are so many ways to reach the readers out there that it is often difficult to determine by what means we cut through the static in the communication clutter to state that we have arrived, buy my book, it really, really is worthy of your hard earned dollars.

The technology is both the edge and the culprit to our success and failure. The right technological edge can make us stand out, the wrong choices can make us a slave to a technological communication endeavor at the loss of our writing soul.

Indeed, it is one tough balancing act.

Suggestion...Yeah it's been done before, but find four kindred souls and create a collaborative blog and one guest blogger per week. It will diminish your time to be clever every minute of the day and widen your audience four or five fold. Just have all five realize that this is business (as much as pleasure) and that failing to continually deliver could mean being cut like a .200 average batter in baseball.

Rain, yes we have rain.


ron v. said...

Pretend 500 words? Heck, make it two thousand if you are pretending. Then Mr. King won't think you are a slacker.