Thursday, July 24, 2008

God versus the Chicken

It's 7 a.m. I don't have to pick the garden vegetables, because I did so last night. Living large off the garden in summertime. To get chickens next or not get chickens is the question. Free eggs aren't free, I argue. Aside from the small cost to buy the original four or five chickens, it's the daily chore of scooping up the eggs while being pecked to death by a lethal weapon. While the poop is great fertilizer, I bet the deposits will be like Sydney, our pet cockateil, presents--distributed indiscriminately and often on my shoulder. I swear I can hear him chuckle, "I want more mashed potatoes!" Then there's the foxes, raccoons, and wild dogs. One more reason, they do not need to climb over or burst through the fence that seems so impregnable at the moment. And I know they will be named, and there goes any hope of a free Sunday dinner.

Nope. I have to draw the line at chickens once again and enjoy the guest bedroom for a few days will I chicken scratch a few more words on the topic of God's grace in my next novel.


FARfetched said...

Chickens are evil.

They have not forgotten that they are the bastard offspring of T. rex… and that there was once a time when they did the eating.

sh said...

Get the chickens. Do it.

Rick Bylina said...

sh...How many chickens do you have to be so positive that my daily chores need to increase? ;-)

far...TRex meat. Yummy. No wonder I like to EAT chicken so much.

Dead raccoon has atracted a parade (15-20) of turkey vultures at the edge of the woods. What a shame that they aren't good to eat, though an old timer said they would catch them years ago and let them eat vegetable stuff for 2-3 weeks and then they would taste tollerable.

Time to defrost the freezer after zapping all the Viagra ads that rolled in overnight.

sh said...

We have zero chickens because we have 3 chicken-loving dogs. I'm pushing for a goat instead.